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Key Accountabilities:

Role Purpose

Assistant Curator will assist the curatorial department by developing and delivering high quality exhibitions and related activities for Mathaf in line with the Museum’s vision and history, participating in research, development, and display of the Collection and temporary exhibitions, publications and interpretation, and all other activities of the Department. This position will be required to undertake a wide range of tasks including exhibition and collection-based projects, as well as overseeing day to day administration. This position supports the museum’s curatorial department by contributing to the development of the exhibition and program strategy in response to Mathaf’s vision and goals.


  • Exhibitions Display
  • To assist in the curation of exhibitions, including the safe handling and installation of art works, completion of condition reports, the development of exhibition collateral, researching and verifying information, liaising with artists, lenders and donors and other administrative based tasks as required.
  • To research, plan and deliver temporary collection displays and special exhibitions to contribute to a balanced and dynamic exhibition and public program schedule.
  • To research and develop inventive and relevant exhibitions and programs, including historic and
    contemporary projects.
  • To develop, contribute, and edit interpretive materials, including wall texts and extended wall labels, and Gallery Guide.
  • To develop exhibition layout and installation plan.
  • To liaise with loaners and draft loan letters.
  • To assist with the packing, transportation, unpacking and storage of art works.
  • To initiate, organize and author projects from initial idea to completion, including collection and special exhibitions, commissions, productions, and investigations of displays and archives.
  • Responsible for development and delivery of exhibitions, scheduling and logistics in coordination with other staff; overseeing a timely delivery of exhibitions.
  • Maintain the documentation and keep an updated account of all exhibition and artistic program plans.
  • Work with colleagues in the Collections, Exhibitions, Education, and Research departments to share curatorial content and updates.
  • provide daily tours for the visitors at the times announce in Mathaf website.
  • provide tour services when the request reach from protocol and QM management.
  • Public Programmes
  • Initiate, organize and author programs from initial idea to completion, including forums, seminars, publications, talks, lectures, performances, screenings, broadcast material, digital or online work.
  • Responsible for development and delivery of programs, scheduling, and logistics in coordination with other staff; overseeing a timely delivery of programs.
  • Develop, coordinate, edit, and oversee writing for publication related materials (hard copies and digital)
  • Research and Publishing
  • Provide content for departmental projects related to exhibitions and events, overseeing proper reproduction of images and copyrights.
  • Conduct original research and writing on Collection artists/artworks as agreed in the Collections development strategy for exhibitions, projects, talks, etc.; includes research and propose artists and artworks for acquisition.
  • Responsible for organizing and moderating Curatorial and Research seminars on topics related to art history, theory, criticism, and curatorial practices.
  • Responsible to liaise with Mathaf Encyclopedia authors and peer and reviewers.
  • Responsible to support Curatorial and Research for editing and translation of Mathaf Encyclopedia entries (Arabic/English).
  • Conduct original research and write for Mathaf’s exhibition catalogues.
  • Overlook and secure publication materials and content, including essays, reference materials, images of artworks and installation.
  • Collection and Acquisitions
  • Responsible for assembling, cataloguing, managing, and presenting/displaying artistic and cultural collections.
  • Propose artists and artworks for acquisitions.
  • Follow up on acquisitions internal procedures.
  • Conduct curatorial checks of new acquisitions and write short texts on Emu.
  • Conduct audits and inventories in collaboration with Collections and Conservation departments.
  • Complete and update artists and artworks curatorial information on Emu.
  • Administration and Management
  • Budget exhibition projects and productions.
  • Develop and manage project plans for exhibitions and public programs.
  • Contribute to annual programmes planning.
  • Contribute to annual budget estimations.
  • Work in collaboration with Operations and QM Legal departments on contracts.
  • Supervise Mathaf Curatorial and Research interns.




  • Broad knowledge in the preservation /conservation of paintings on all supports, more specifically in modern and contemporary painting materials.
  • Substantial experience in research associated with the creation and development of exhibitions.
  • Experience with publication and critical writing in Modern and Contemporary Art.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills (English and Arabic) other languages suitable.
  • Research skills and evidence of writing and publication.

Education, Experience, and certification requirements

  • BA degree or equivalent higher academic qualification in a related subject (Art History/Curating /Humanities/Theory/ Visual Culture); post-graduate qualification preferred.
  • 4 – 6 years of work experience.

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