Plumber Job Vacancies In Qatar Airways

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About the role:

As Plumber, you will be responsible for helping us achieve this ambition:

  • Carry out troubleshoot, repair, inspect and maintain plumbing equipment including, but not limited to facets, lavatories, toilets, flush valves, sinks water heaters, drinking fountains, domestic water heaters and boilers, backflow devices, values and water meters accordance to best standard practice and manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Perform preventive plan maintenance, inspections and repairs in districts facilities including, but not limited to domestic water system, firefighting system, sanitary waste drainage and storm water drainage to keep all asset remain in a serviceable working condition at all time.
  • Install new plumbing fixtures including, but not limited to sings, commodes urinals faucets, drinking fountains, domestic water heaters and related devices as required and in accordance to specifications.
  • Repair or replace water lines, domestic recirculation lines and sewer lines as directive by immediate supervisor.
  • Respond to emergencies in the building or external area including clogged, broken water lines, gas odors and possible gas leaks with evaluate situation and take proper corrective action.

About you:

  • High School Qualification with Minimum 1 year of job-related experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or Equivalent with no prior job-related work experience
  • Knowledge about the latest plumbing material and sanitary wares available in the market.
  • Knowledge of all kinds of plumbing, drainage sanitary and firefighting works material and respective application.
  • Ability to take instruction and execute accurately in a speedy manner and to demonstrate willingness and enthusiasm towards works.

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